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Learn Chinese with Medlock Method

Medlock Method uses

  • Screencast Chinese lessons, so you can see what the lessons mean
  • Proven Ask Me Tell Me™ technique for in-class practice to build confidence and accuracy
  • Structured, logical lesson delivery: listen, explain then practice
  • Dialogues that you can begin to use from Day One
Demo lessons
How to use Medlock Method

Compact and convenient

Our audio-visual screencasts let you see what we are talking about, making Medlock Method Chinese classes much easier to follow and digest than audio only courses. Unlike most Chinese learning products on the internet all the exercises are included in the lessons. This means you won't have to flick from page to page or podcast to website in order to learn the lessons, everything is together in one convenient package.

Whole learning

Medlock Method Chinese lessons concentrate on teaching you language through whole sentences, rather than lots of individual pieces of vocabulary that can be hard to learn and easily forgotten.

Structured learning for success

Because our lessons are carefully structured you will get a solid foundation in all Chinese sentence patterns giving you the ability to learn Chinese quickly and speak Chinese accurately and confidently.

No gimmicks. Learn Chinese by thinking

Medlock Method will guide you to language confidence and competence by using our "Ask me, Tell me" method of getting you to build up and think about whole sentences so that you can use the language as flexibly as any super learner.

Less review time

Because we actually practice the language patterns and vocabulary with you in the lessons you will find that you need much less review time than with traditional language schools or other Chinese language programs: Resulting in better motivation and quicker results.