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Medlock Method resources

Level one audio practice and review

If you need extra practice, why not download the Level 1,2 or 3 practice audio files. These files contain the dialogues of all of the lessons in the corresponding level.

We recommend that you watch the lessons first and then do extra audio only practice.

4.5 MB4′ 53″ 5.7 MB6′ 04″ 6.5 MB6′ 55″
4.7 MB5′ 06″ 5.8 MB6′ 08″ 6.9 MB7′ 21″
11.4 MB12′ 12″ 6,7 MB7′ 09″ 5.3 MB5′ 41″
6.9 MB7′ 22″ 5.8 MB6′ 13″ 5.5 MB5′ 54″
5.1 MB5′ 30″ 6.8 MB7′ 14″ 5.7 MB6′ 03″
6.1 MB6′ 30″ 6.0 MB6′ 25″ 5.7 MB6′ 05″
6.7 MB7′ 11″ 6.9 MB7′ 23″ 6.8 MB7′ 16″
6.5 MB6′ 58″ 6.3 MB6′ 43″ 6.1 MB6′ 30″
5.7 MB6′ 02″ 6.7 MB7′ 06″ 7.3 MB7′ 49″
8.1 MB8′ 36″ 6.4 MB6′ 49″ 7.3 MB7′ 46″

Medlock Method links

It's always useful to have extra resources when learning a language. Learning Mandarin is no different. Here is a list of sites to help you learn Chinese and learn about Chinese culture. The Chinese dictionary site are particularly useful for learning the stroke order for writing as well as looking up English translations of Chinese words.

Useful sites for people learning Mandarin

This is an invaluable resource for anyone studying Chinese either casually or full-time. In our opinion it is probably the best Chinese English dictionary site in the web.

This site, run by the Ministry of Education in Taipei, is designed to help you learn the stroke order of traditional Chinese characters. The site is only in Chinese so it at first sight it may seem a little intimidating for beginner Chinese learners. Be brave place a word in the box and press the button. You'll see the Chinese character written out for you while the audio plays a recording of someone speaking some Chinese sentences that contain the word.

This is site has a similar function to the previous one, but for simplified Chinese characters. When you first land on the site you might have to go to the view button in your browser to switch on the Chinese. Simply go to "View" then "Character Encoding" and select "Chinese Simplified".

Sites about China, Chinese culture and living in China

This blog about an American family living in China is incredibly popular. Although the author does point out some of the strange things about China, he does it with taste and respect Chinese people or Chinese culture.

Bill's shares the resources he finds to reinforce his efforts to learn Chinese. Two regular posts are Mandarin Learner Best of the Web and #MandarinMonday.

Does what it says on the tin. General forum site for people learning Chinese or people just interested in Chinese culture. As the name suggests the site has pages about different cities in China.

This is a very useful site covering many aspects of life in China.

General interest sites better English:
both for native speakers and learners.

This site and the podcast are actually aimed at native speakers, but people who are learning English will find it very useful as well. Not only will you learn a little more about how to use the English language, you will begin to understand that even native English speakers have a problem with English grammar!

This is a very useful site and podcast on communication for business and organizational life. Whether you are doing presentations or mainly communicating with friends and colleagues in English this is a great podcast to listen put on your mp3 player. The podcast is particularly useful for language learners as you can download the transcript from the website and read along while listening.

Although this is aimed mainly as British school children it can be an excellent source of grammar and punctuation practice for people learning English as a foreign language.

Online Writing Lab. This is a site from Purdue University in the USA and is a great resource for people wanting tips and exercises for better English writing. Aimed at university students we recommend this site for learners who already have advanced English skills.

The world's favorite encyclopedia is good place to learn a little more about the history, spread and general information about the English language.

Dialang is a site developed with the European Commission for people to test their level in various foreign languages. Currently only offering 14 European languages the site is never the less an excellent free resource for language learners wanting to test their foreign language ability and get excellent advice and feedback.